Top Tracks: Natalie Shay – Heaven

I think most people, when asked what they’d wish for if they had one wish, would tend to fall back on the same few answers: wealth, love, fame etc. In close contention however, is the option of a second chance. Seemingly more so now than ever, we all find ourselves longing to be able to share with our younger selves all that we’ve come to know and learn. The answers to the questions we struggled with, the lessons that we learned through hardship, the mistakes we now look back on older and wiser. To be able to know those things you stress about won’t matter in the end, to be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel when you’re in a dark place, to be able to see yourself reaching heights you thought you’d never reach or carrying a weight you thought you could never bear. That’s priceless. With ‘Heaven’ Belwood favourite Natalie Shay shares with her younger self all the growth and self-discovery that recent years have brought. Taken from her new EP MILK, her words share the personal journey of how she’s grown as a person, and in the exemplary pop songwriting all can hear plain as day just how much she’s grown as an artist these past few years.