Top Tracks: Cristina Hart – Crash

Things often have to get worse before they get better. Sometimes it takes that final drop to rock bottom for you to finally admit to yourself how bad things have gotten. Being at your lowest brings those unhealthy coping mechanisms into full view, and can be just the push you needed in order to ask for help and stop suffering in silence. ‘Crash’ is about life at its darkest, but it’s also a song about climbing your way back towards the light. In her most raw and vulnerable offering to date, Cristina Hart reflects on treading water against numbing waves of grief and anxiety. That forlorn feeling of having no one to lean on, fearing you’ll disappoint them or become a burden if you let the mask slip. Building upon the darker, edgier pop sound we heard on ‘Never Be Her‘, this latest single is a reminder that admitting there’s a problem is the first step to fixing it. Cristina delivers intimate and visceral lyrics, wrapped up in fiery alt-pop instrumentation and heady infectious hooks, in a cathartic anthem that breaks you down only to lift you up again. A stunning track to start the year with, and one that sets the benchmark for new pop in 2023.