Spotlight!: Miccoli

miccoli bandIt’s important within a band to have a strong bond, a deep connection of spirit and a sharing of ideas. It’s always been said that blood is thicker than water and few acts work in such perfect harmony as Miccoli, composed of twin brothers Alex and Adriano, and their sister Francesca. Weaving their voices together to craft a spellbinding display, an angelic chorus so rarely found in indie pop, they have produced one of the most promising EPs of the year. ‘Idle Stranger’ is a late night anthem to lead the way when you find yourself lost in life, while the slow burning ‘Undo’ show Miccoli’s ethereal harmonies at their best. The suitably bright and uplifting ‘Lights’ is a finely crafted hit in the making and the stripped back ‘Devices’ builds an intricate and fragile cathedral of sound from the sparsest of arrangements. This band of siblings have a clear idea of who they want to be, and if they carry on the legacy of their first EP then they are sure to win over new fans everywhere they go.

Miccoli’s debut EP 1/2 is out 12th May and is a must for fans of The Staves, Ben Howard, Amber Run and early Bon Iver