Top Ten Music Videos of 2018

top ten videosWhile 2018 has been a very inconsistent year as a whole, it has really delivered when it comes to music videos. There have been some incredibly inventive and entertaining visuals over the past twelve months, and here’s my pick of the best of the best. Continue reading

Top Ten Videos of 2017

top ten videosI have a bit of a love-hate relationship with music videos. Sometimes they feel like a relic of the MTV days that we cling to because everyone else is doing them. Other times however, you find such a well conceived and brilliantly executed video that reminds you how they sometimes still have the power to make a band or artist a household name. There’s been a fair few great videos in 2017, and here’s a run-down of some of the best: Continue reading

Music video age ratings introduced

age ratings

The British Board of Film Classification has introduced a scheme which applies film style age certificates to music videos in an effort to protect young children from inappropriate content. British acts signed to Sony, Universal and Warners will now have age certificates displayed on their YouTube videos. However, this only applies to British artists and the vast majority of inappropriate music videos originate from the US. The ratings are hidden away in the videos’ information, which raises the question of why introduce them if they aren’t going to be in plain sight? It seems like another fruitless effort to try and police the internet which strikes me as a waste of time and money.