Top Tracks: Noah Derksen – Lonely in America

I’ve never been able to grasp the fascination with New York. I’ve always seen it as somewhere hostile and unwelcoming, yet it rivals Paris as the most romanticised city in the world. Usually songs about the Big Apple are nothing more than a game of New York cliche bingo, so it’s refreshing to hear a song tackle the darker side of the big city. Canadian born singer/songwriter wonderfully contrasts the coldness of the city with the warm Americana glow of his new track ‘Lonely in America’. The age old adage of “if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere” neglects to mention how isolating and demoralising it can be for the vast swathes of people who risk everything for the city’s promises only to come up short. Noah’s latest golden track from his new album America, Dreaming stands in solidarity with anyone who’s ever felt like a spare part rattling around some vast and unforgiving machine.

Top Tracks: Noah Derksen – Nothing

With this latest single, exploring his own unique style of “contemplative folk”, Canadian singer/songwriter Noah Derksen reaches new levels of heartwarming innocence and charm. The gorgeous ‘Nothing’ is sure to be a wedding song for the ages, complete with Noah’s sublime vocals, a lush, comforting arrangement, and lyrics so sweet as to bring a tear to your eye. Often love songs can come across as cheesy, but this track can reach even the fiercest cynic like a single flower growing through a cracked pavement. A perfectly crafted ballad, it describes the greatest feeling of peace and contentment that someone can experience; that feeling of being with the one you love and knowing that it’s the only thing that matters. If that’s what love is then it’s safe to say that I love this song, as when it’s playing it’s like the rest of the world doesn’t exist.