Top Tracks: Noah Derksen – Nothing

With this latest single, exploring his own unique style of “contemplative folk”, Canadian singer/songwriter Noah Derksen reaches new levels of heartwarming innocence and charm. The gorgeous ‘Nothing’ is sure to be a wedding song for the ages, complete with Noah’s sublime vocals, a lush, comforting arrangement, and lyrics so sweet as to bring a tear to your eye. Often love songs can come across as cheesy, but this track can reach even the fiercest cynic like a single flower growing through a cracked pavement. A perfectly crafted ballad, it describes the greatest feeling of peace and contentment that someone can experience; that feeling of being with the one you love and knowing that it’s the only thing that matters. If that’s what love is then it’s safe to say that I love this song, as when it’s playing it’s like the rest of the world doesn’t exist.