Spotlight!: Tina Refsnes

tina refsnes

Rising star Tina Refsnes creates music as beautiful as the striking Norwegian landscape that inspired her. Influenced by such artists as Joni Mitchell and Neil Young, she has created her own brand of affecting Americana. Her latest single ‘I Don’t Know‘ starts with a simple beat and a meandering acoustic guitar, but soon builds to leave you feeling like a leaf drifting on an autumnal breeze. Along with her previous single ‘Upside Down Clouds’, it evokes a vivid vignette of the remote breathtaking setting in which they were written. Her tender voice and the sparse arrangement hark back to the 70s heyday of singer/songwriters wherein I’m sure she’d feel right at home with her rigorous writing ethic making sure that her songs were captured just right.

Fans of The Staves, First Aid Kit, Tobias Jesso Jr and Sufjan Stevens should be on the lookout for her debut album ‘No One Knows That You’re Lost’ out 6th November


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