Album Review: Lanterns on the Lake – Beings

BeingsLanterns on the Lake – Beings

Indie Rock


The haunting soundscape that this album creates is truly something to behold. Hazel Wilde’s fragile vocals are perfectly matched with the cascading piano and delicate drumming. At times it’s like stepping into a watercolour of a mist-laden forest; beautiful and isolated. This dream world seems far from serene however, there is something raw and uneasy lurking in that mist. The lyrics don’t exactly roll off the tongue, but they are deeply poetic and in another life could have been hailed as a great piece of literature. One of the album’s many highlights ‘I’ll Stall Them’ sums up the journey that Beings takes us on: “Didn’t I warm you of this world of ours? They’re crawling out the woodwork and spoiling all the flowers”.

The inescapable vibe of this album is one of hanging on in quiet desperation, being hurt and broken and trying to cling on to the beauty in the world. It’s hard not to be moved by what this Newcastle band have created, in fact I would say that it’s the most emotionally arresting album of the year. There are no mis-steps, my only criticism if I was very picky is that I would have liked more up-tempo tracks like ‘Through the Cellar Door’ to inject a bit more energy. This is an album that resonates deep, it breaks you into pieces and then creates mesmerising mosaic from them. You can’t help but feel like a different person after listening to it, which is a feat that all musicians aspire for.