Spotlight!: Vanessa Forero


British/Colombian singer-songwriter Vanessa Forero, as well as being a successful composer and bestselling author, has her own unique folk style. The subtle Latin twist breathes new life into her music, with the two different styles blending together magnificently. ‘Raven’ mixes gentle fingerpicking guitar with a bewitching beat, ‘Same Boat’ shows Vanessa at her lyrical peak and is a refreshing hit single in the making, whilst ‘Heaven Knows’ starts with a hint of Led Zeppelin’s ‘Going to California’ before the foot stomping rhythm kicks in. The ethereal ‘Anhela’ is where she most connects with her Colombian roots. Sung entirely in Spanish you don’t need to understand the words to be moved by their breathtaking delivery. Her music is something new that somehow feels like home, but at the same time takes you on a fabulous journey.

Her self produced debut EP ‘From The Uproar’ is out 28th March