Album Review: Iggy Pop – Post Pop Depression

post-pop-depressionIggy Pop – Post Pop Depression

Hard Rock | Garage Rock


“Iggy Pop! Amen!” – The famous quote from Philip Seymour Hoffman in the film Almost Famous. Given that it is set in the early seventies it makes plenty of sense; during his time as the frontman of The Stooges, Iggy released critically acclaimed albums such as Raw Power that acted as a forerunner for punk rock. Those days though are long since gone. In recent years he’s been more of a classic rock Kardashian leaving people wondering why he is still in the limelight. For his latest and quite possibly final album, Iggy has recruited a top band consisting of members of Queens of the Stone Age and Arctic Monkeys to try and deliver one last bold statement.

It hasn’t worked. It doesn’t matter if he has recruited some of the top rock musicians around unless they actually have the freedom to do anything. There are few moments where the music takes an interesting turn, for the most part every song just trudges on aimlessly. It’s like keeping a magnificent animal captive in a tiny cage just to show off and say “look what I’ve got”. Iggy Pop hogs the spotlight, but given that he’s never really had a penchant for good lyrics and his vocals very soon start to grate he has nothing to celebrate. The thing that made him a big name back in the day was his raw energy. There’s no trace of that here, there hasn’t been anything the slightest bit edgy or exciting from him in decades, and really if you’re a true punk rock spirit then trying to cling on to a music career at his age is a defeat in itself. Post Pop Depression is just an asinine attempt to cling to fame from someone who should have quit while they were ahead.