Album Review: Mi’das – All Inside Your Head

MidasMi’das – All Inside Your Head

Soul | Pop


Soul music once ruled the world. It produced some of the most talented, best selling and well loved artists of all time. Any new artist hoping to revive the genre has some mighty big shoes to fill. The latest budding soul man into the fray is Brighton born Mike Davies, better known as Mi’das. His debut album is a bit slow to get going, the first few tracks lack confidence and feel a bit forced, but there is definitely something there. Anyone who has sat through a tv talent show will know that a lot of good vocals are ruined by people trying too hard. By ‘Twilight’ however everything falls into place, it’s an effortless example of acoustic pop perfection and one of the standout tracks of the year thus far. Mi’das has now hit his stride and follows up with the lovely laidback ‘Too Little Too Late’ and the fervent ‘Feels Like Only Yesterday’ which features a stunning guitar tone.

With the final two tracks, ‘This Year (Make A Change)’ and the live rendition of ‘Everybody’s Changing’, something becomes clear: he is at his best when he keeps things simple. He might be better suited to a “one man and his guitar” folk approach. He certainly has the raw talent to pursue being a powerful soul singer, although I don’t think he quite realises it. Confidence is the only avenue that really needs work, his vocals are incredible when he relaxes into the music. If he set his ambitions higher, really believed in himself, worked towards his own musical identity and got some better album artwork he could be the next be thing. Think of All Inside Your Head as a rough draft and bear in mind that all great works of art started out that way at some point. Not all he touches turns to gold, but with a bit of work Mi’das could well have a glittering career ahead of him.