Spotlight!: SEASONS

seasonsSometimes the energy of a song can hinder the song itself, things can get too wild and simply ruin the musicality. This problem that plagues far too many alternative acts is no problem at all for Bedfordshire band SEASONS. Operating like a well oiled machine they showcase intricate musicianship and crystal clear melodic vocals while still maintaining a hard grasp on that heavy vibe to get your blood pumping. The dynamic ‘Last Words’ has a great interplay between bright and harsh guitar tones, overlain with engaging vocal harmonies. ‘Fire’ leads a full throttle rhythmic charge, the menacing riff of ‘Empire’ simply seethes with purpose and the anthemic balladry of ‘When We Were Young’ flirts with the band’s more accessible side but still contains enough complex instrumentation to make your head spin. There are plenty of bands on the scene with this level of technical skill, there are plenty that know how to make great song; but there are few bands that have such entrancing vocals at their disposal, and can put all these elements together in the way that SEASONS can. A debut album from this talented quintet simply can’t come around fast enough!

Fans of Young Guns, Mallory Knox, and Lower Than Atlantis should check out their latest EP What Goes Around.