Album Review: Evening Darling – Evening Darling

Evening Darling albumEvening Darling – Evening Darling



Americana is a peculiar genre. As well as the fact that it applies to bands from all origins, not just the US, it’s a difficult genre to define. It’s a swirling cauldron of styles that is immediately recognisable, yet almost impossible to put into words. If you needed a textbook definition then the eponymous debut from New York based band Evening Darling is a good place to start. Album highlight ‘Another Long Drive’ is heavy with Springsteen vibes as the band lusts for the open road, the gorgeous balladry of ‘Stardust and Glitter’ has hints of Emmylou Harris with its faint country twang, while the driving rhythm and vocal harmonies of tracks like ‘All the Way Back’ and ‘Live Where You Lay’ are reminiscent of classic Fleetwood Mac.

The warm and inviting atmosphere, with it’s subtle layered synths and vintage guitar tones, is hard to fault; especially when you factor in the band’s secret weapon Erica Lane, as it’s hard not to be completely enamoured with her voice. The songwriting is slightly hit and miss providing a few filler tracks, and there are a few songs that could do with fleshing out a little, but these are nothing more than the usual teething problems you’d expect from a debut album. There are some absolute gems here that are sure to brighten your day, and yet there is still plenty of room for the band to grow. Evening Darling bring with their first record the kind of heartwarming heartland rock that seems certain to win over new fans and become the soundtrack to many a perfect summer.