Best Songs of the 2010s (#25-1)

songs2It’s time to live in the past for just one brief moment longer before we fully embrace the future. Time for one last shot of nostalgia as we look at the very best songs of the past ten years. Songs that dominated the airwaves and became anthems for millions, and the ones that formed the backbone of our playlists and became the musical lifeblood of a more personal journey. Songs that have hyped us up ready to take on the world and ones that helped us escape into daydreams, ones that have given us goosebumps and some that have even brought us close to tears. So, assuming you’ve caught up with part one, let’s get to it! Continue reading

Top Tracks: Evening Darling – Invitations

In my head I tend break down Americana into two different sides of the coin, what I like to call “neon and gold”. Belwood favourites Evening Darling are already well acquainted with the latter; the warm and inviting side that soundtracks the open road, golden summer days, and a lust for adventure. With their new single ‘Invitations’ however they explore their darker side and shift into “neon” territory. A more bittersweet, indie-tinged affair that instead conjures up images of a night spent wandering under city lights in search of meaning. Penned from the perspective of someone gripped by obsession, the contemplative atmosphere and haunting backing vocals do a superb job of adding to the feeling of being lost and alone. With a driving bass line, shimmering synths, and all the moving melodies you could ever ask for thanks to Erica Lane’s mesmeric vocals, it seems Evening Darling are just as at home under neon lights as under golden sunsets. The band have expertly expanded their sound, while still remaining true to who they are.

Top Tracks: Evening Darling – Schuyler Street

Belwood favourites Evening Darling are back with a brand new single. ‘Schuyler Street’ offers a new and refreshing twist, while still keeping the same endearing charm that made the finer points of last year’s eponymous debut album so unforgettable.  Combining their finely crafted, hook-driven Americana with a dash of bright and airy synths, this latest offering is reminiscent of the more introspective side of The Killers. ‘Schuyler Street’ is made for late night drives, starlit scenes, and those moments where you can just get lost in silence with someone special. With an overall more mature and understated approach, and melodies that remind me of The National’s ‘Graceless’, it seems Evening Darling still have plenty of tricks up their sleeve. Roll on album number two!

Belwood Music Awards 2017

belwood awardsSo here we are, another year over and a chance to look back on all that 2017 has brought us. Thank you to all of you that have supported Belwood this past year; our readers, industry colleagues and all the wonderfully talented bands and artists that have shared their music. Before we look forward to all that 2018 has to offer, lets take a moment to cherish some of the most memorable music from the past twelve months: Continue reading

Top Ten Songs of 2017

top ten songsHope you all had a lovely Christmas! It’s that time of year again; as 2017 draws to a close we’ll be talking about Belwood’s highlights of the year gone by, starting with our favourite songs. It’s been no easy task to whittle it down to just ten tracks, there’s been a lot of outstanding music released this past year. With a healthy mix of acts both old and new, large and small, it’s our strongest list yet. Hopefully you can find a few hidden gems here that you missed first time around, or just jam along all over again!  Continue reading

Interview: Evening Darling

evening darling bandFew things stir the soul as much as that lust for adventure, that longing for the open road that lives inside all of us, and few bands capture that feeling as well as New York’s Evening Darling. The endearing Americana of their debut record has made them one of the most promising new acts to emerge in 2017, with their song ‘Another Long Drive’ leading the way as an early favourite for Belwood’s song of the year. I was lucky enough to chat to the band about their new self-titled album: Continue reading