Top Tracks: Duncan Lloyd – Heads Of The Bastille

Lead guitarist and primary songwriter for Maximo Park, Duncan Lloyd, has shared his latest single ‘Heads Of The Bastille’. The first single from his upcoming solo album I O U O M E, released 26th May, it juxtaposes a sad tale of waning love in a failing relationship with gloriously bright and cheerful indie melodies. The track gives the impression of a “C’est La Vie” attitude, trying not to get bogged down in life’s pitfalls and simply acknowledging that they are a part of the journey. Lloyd’s pensive and personal, albeit glass-half-full, songwriting on this track is delightfully refreshing. Music is meant to speak to people, and sometimes we all need to hear that when things get tough, we just need to accept the world as it is and try to look towards the future. This warm and honest song is the reassuring voice of reason you need.