Top Tracks: The Afghan Whigs – Arabian Heights

Cult 90s legends The Afghan Whigs are back, with the latest cut from their forthcoming album In Spades, out 5th May. ‘Arabian Heights’ is nothing short of a rock masterclass; with a riff reminiscent of Led Zeppelin’s ‘The Rover’, a myriad of mystifying effects that could have come straight from Rush’s ‘Clockwork Angels’ and a stellar rhythm section that sounds like The Stone Roses possessed by the devil incarnate. There’s simply so much going on here; otherworldly elements, exotic expression and all the classic alt rock sounds in a way you’ve not heard before. ‘Arabian Heights’ takes every interesting aspect of every rock album you’re likely to hear this year and fuses them into something simply spectacular. If the rest of In Spades can match this then we may have an absolute classic on our hands.