Album Review: The Lunar Year – Herodias

the lunar yearThe Lunar Year – Herodias

Indie Rock | Americana | Folk


There are a lot of hotly anticipated albums due this year, but with the lasting impression offered by the lead singles ‘Porcelain‘ and ‘Backyard Deck‘, the debut album from Philadelphia band The Lunar Year has been one release that I have been particularly looking forward to. Granted there are a few teething problems, as you would expect from most debuts, but for the most part Herodias lives up to expectations. In the closing moments of album opener ‘Parachute Lung’ the wall-of-sound guitar and rippling drums work together fabulously to craft a kind of controlled chaos, while the slow burning blues of ‘Wolves’ creates a deeply moving atmosphere. ‘Saturn’s Rings’ starts off with classically infused piano before kicking off into full indie rock territory, and folky album closer ‘Sirens’ matches birdsong with Katie Burke’s unique vocals.

The record’s only missteps are ‘The Brigade’ and ‘Blue And Orange’. The former can be a bit bizarre and the latter a bit repetitive compared the rest of the album, and lyrically both seem to meander somewhat aimlessly. The album as a whole would certainly benefit from more high-end production. I’d love to hear the band explore a more expansive sound; going all out with strings and brass would really take their songwriting style to a whole new level. The Lunar Year’s ability to rise up to anthemic indie territory from introspective piano-driven ballads is remarkable and shows a vast wealth of potential. Though I am most excited to see where they go from here, let it be said that they have produced an engaging and often enthralling first full length outing.