Top Tracks: Overjoyed – Taxi Driver

Though they don’t often make an appearance on the site, I listen to a lot of long songs. I’ve lost count of the number of times someone I know has been baffled as to how someone can come up with enough ideas to fill a song that’s ten, even twenty minutes long. In a bizarre twist of fate however, Swedish band Overjoyed have given me a taste of my own medicine, and have left me wondering just how they can pack so much content into a mere two minutes. ‘Taxi Driver’ takes everything you need for a compelling indie hit – bright uplifting riffs, relatable lyrics, oodles of energy and an infectious chorus – trims it all down and refines it, leaving us with this pure and concentrated indie anthem. This diamond of a track is a real crowd-pleaser in the making, and I doubt you’ll hear a more engaging two minutes of music all year.