Top Tracks: Elemantra – Low Dose Of Irony

This alt rock quartet from Salamanca, NY have captured the reckless abandon of youth with this track from their forthcoming third album. Recalling the likes of Slowdive and The Smashing Pumpkins, ‘Low Dose Of Irony’ embodies everything that made rock in the 90s so keenly relatable to a lost and angst-ridden generation, but at the same time giving it a modern indie twist. The central breakdown, conjuring up emphatic bass tones, adventurous drum fills and soaring guitars, really shows what Elemantra can do. As well as being the highlight of the track, it’s the epitome of what songs like this are all about. There’s a unique kind of freedom woven into the fabric of the music that makes you feel like there are endless possibilities all within your grasp if you’re willing to take the plunge, and this is the soundtrack that will take you there.