Top Tracks: The People The Poet – Kids on the Corner

Music can do a lot of wonderful things, and sometimes, by either a personal connection to some cherished memory or by wonderfully woven nostalgic lyricism, a song can take you back to simpler times. Such is the case with this new track from Welsh band The People The Poet, taken from their new album A Short Obsession With Time. Even if your childhood bears little resemblance to the misspent youth described in ‘Kids on the Corner’, its hard not to feel some kind of affinity with the sentiment: a longing to go back to those carefree days when the world seemed limitless and all your thoughts and feelings burned their brightest. This journey back to “the good old days” is one you will make time and again, as the emphatic drums, gorgeous piano coda and gritty vocals reminiscent of Bruce Springsteen and Bryan Adams make this a song you will keep coming back to for a good long while.