Top Tracks: BamBoo – Never Look Back

Songs that explode out of the blocks at full speed certainly have their moments, but they miss out on one of music’s greatest delights: the build. There’s something special about songs that change and grow, from a tiny fragile source into something majestic and imposing. This new track from Canadian indie band BamBoo is a fine example. It’s a fitting name; in nature bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world, and here we experience such magnificent sounds arise from humble origins in just a few short minutes. ‘Never Look Back’, taken from their new EP Cheers, starts with simple guitar lines and shimmering synths, then delves into bright indie pop with a driving beat, before concluding with a cathartic climax. By the end, the sublime expressive drum work and soaring dream pop guitar lines feel all-encompassing, and the build up to that incredible feeling just makes it all the more potent and rewarding.