Top Tracks: Alec Gaston – Waiting For The Sunrise

While I don’t approve of throwing vinyl around like in the beginning of the music video, I do very much approve of this sun-drenched new song. ‘Waiting For The Sunrise’, the first single from Brooklyn based artist Alec Gaston’s forthcoming debut album, is a masterclass in laid-back psychedelica. The kaleidoscopic soundscape simply screams summer. It shimmers bewitchingly like some heat haze in the distance, and when you sit back and really listen to this track you can practically feel the sun on your face as you soak it all in. Alec’s excellent vocals here are as versatile as they are compelling, drawing as much from funk and soul as they do from the classic trippy 60s sound. This is the kind of song you play to make the most of those rare lazy days, where you can just lie back and bask in great music all day long.