Spotlight!: NeoRomantics

NeoromanticsOn paper I shouldn’t like NeoRomantics’ new EP, but in reality this quartet from Tulsa, Oklahoma have proven to be one of the biggest surprises of the year. Though it has plenty of roots in contemporary indie, Homecoming also draws a lot of influence from noughties emo. I missed that phase growing up, and as such the music has never held any power over me, I’ve never felt a connection with it. In NeoRomantics I have finally found some understanding. Any band can pull together all the things you like and make a song you’d enjoy, not many bands can make you see music you never liked before in a new light.

The dreamy intro of ‘Gold Plated’ eases you into the release as though you’re drifting in on the back of a cloud, before launching into vocals both melodic and passionate. ‘Concentrated’ injects some energy with its emphatic drums and anthemic chorus, while ‘From Ella’s’ shows great light and shade between the dark guitar and bass interplay and the bright infectious melodies. The aptly titled ‘Issues’ sees the band at their lyrical best as they channel a mix of teen angst and more adult introspection, before a cathartic climax rounds off the record. Expressive and eclectic, poignant and polished, NeoRomantics are ones to watch and may be future trendsetter material.

Emo kids looking for a fresh fix, or indie fans looking to spread their horizons, should check out NeoRomantics’ new EP Homecoming out now.