Top Tracks: Arbour Season – Leaving Delaware

You don’t have to be the next Milton or Shakespeare to say something meaningful. Sometimes all it takes is a simple message told in a heartfelt way to leave a lasting impression. There are plenty of lines like that in ‘Leaving Delaware’, the new song from husband and wife duo Arbour Season, but it’s the line “there’s too many streetlights I’d like to see the stars” that most strikes a chord with me. Whether you take it literally and feel the wanderlust it induces, or see that same sentiment elsewhere as we’re being held back from living the life we want, I don’t doubt it will leave its mark on you. Great words work best though with great delivery, and on ‘Leaving Delaware’ you’re treated to some of the finest harmonies you’ll hear all year, and understated harmonica that feels as though it’s merely the breath of the wind as the very world itself plays along with this charming song.