Top Tracks: Bent Knee – Paper Earth

I’m rather stretching the definition of Top Tracks here, as ‘Paper Earth’ is longer than most EPs, but a piece of music this extraordinary couldn’t just be passed by without mention. Performed with the Boston Conservatory Percussion Ensemble, this half hour, 6-part epic about how our memories affect the present is every bit as inventive and otherworldly as you’d expect from ambitious art rockers Bent Knee. These Belwood favourites have really outdone themselves with this new project, rivalling Tubular Bells in both scope and execution with this classical inspired progressive masterclass. Displaying the full range of their talents, and bolstered by the unique percussion at work, this magnum opus of theirs just serves to secure their place in my mind as one of the most innovative and exciting bands out there at the moment. ‘Paper Earth’ is a singular experience, one that I can’t recommend enough.