Top Tracks: .imp – Lifedreamer

‘Lifedreamer’ is a tale of two halves. This latest single from London-based artist James Hargreaves, aka .imp, opens with a bright and airy psychedelic sound that’s simply bursting with life and pulsates like some mystical aura. The hectic skittering drum beat may seem at odds with the otherwise dreamy atmosphere, but somehow the two elements really work well together. If you thought the opening of ‘Lifedreamer’ was vibrant then you’re in for a real treat when the triumphant horn sounds kick in. This uplifting section rings out like some hero’s welcome while ascending Olympus. The drums shift to keep pace, providing some of the best damn percussion I’ve heard all year, before the euphoric climax gives way to the final ethereal fade-out. It may have been written on morphine while recovering from surgery, but that’s nothing compared to the high that the song itself makes you feel.