Top Tracks: The Tin Pigeons – Always The Same

All you need is a few bright and upbeat guitar riffs and you pretty much have yourself an indie song. To make a great indie song though you need to throw a few other elements into the crucible in the hope of forming something that feels special. The Tin Pigeons have done just that on their new single ‘Always The Same’. The infectious groove that permeates the whole track, paired with the multitude of memorable hooks, just makes you feel ready to lose your inhibitions and let the music move through you. Speaking of a longing to break free and find some meaning and purpose, to which we can all relate, ‘Always The Same’ manages the rare feat of being a fun song with real meaning. The Tin Pigeons have imbued their own unique charm into this track, and this is one festival anthem that is sure to get crowds whipped up into a feel-good frenzy.