Top Tracks: Pastis – On The Run

While we mostly focus on looking forwards and celebrating what’s new, we are still susceptible to moments where we long for the “good old days”. I for one miss the days of B sides, the days when bands would hide away some of their best tracks for only the most ardent of fans to find and make them into the music equivalent of cult classics. That spirit is alive and well with this brilliant new track from Helsinki based band Pastis. This particular B side is real A+ material. With ‘On The Run’ the band have channelled all their talents into a song that shows them at their very best. Combining the bright, bubbly melodies of mid-2000s indie with the scrappy, relentless energy and lo-fi philosophy of 70s punk, ‘On The Run’ manages to pack a wealth of great music into just a brief couple of minutes. This spirited little number is more than deserving of some time in the spotlight, as indeed are Pastis themselves.