Top Tracks: Harrison Rimmer – Berlin

There’s a definite sense of the familiar within this latest single from Harrison Rimmer. Written thanks to a chance encounter while on tour in Germany and the ensuing sparks of attraction that followed, ‘Berlin’ is overflowing with radio-friendly pop melodies and skittering electronic beats. Marking a shift in style for this singer/songwriter, ‘Berlin’ has plenty in common with the kind of upbeat and immaculate earworms that populate any pop playlist worth its salt. Make no mistake though, there’s plenty here to make ‘Berlin’ stand out from the crowd. The most obvious of which is the simply astounding bass tone, as good as any you’re ever likely to hear, offering the track an accessible and irresistible groove. Looking beyond the rhythm, Harrison’s distinctive vocals have such a curious and indescribable quality to them here, which will leave you listening on repeat to try to unravel what makes his voice so unique. All considered, Harrison’s latest single offers his own intriguing personal twist on an infectious electropop sound.