Top Tracks: Cavern Company – Falling

I defy you to find a more upbeat and joyful track released this year than ‘Falling’. This latest single from Oklahoma based indie pop trio Cavern Company is like a radiant beacon of positive energy, abuzz with effervescent melodies and guilt-free pop sensibilities. The band citing Chic as their biggest influence goes a long way in explaining the potency of the infectious danceable groove, and the bright indie aesthetic at work on this track is sure to be a hit with fans of The 1975 and Clean Cut Kid. “Pop” music gets a bad rep, which is often self-inflicted, but it’s songs like this that remind you just how invigorating good pop music can be. Assuredly innocent and endearing as it captures the feeling of a new love blossoming, the distilled euphoria of ‘Falling’ makes it one of the most charming and accessible tracks of 2018.