Top Tracks: Chris Stills – Calling The Underground

Home isn’t a place, it’s a state of mind. It’s a sense of belonging and understanding that we’re all searching for in our own way, and if the journey to find it is long and difficult, then it just makes you appreciate it even more when you finally experience it. This new song from Chris Stills, son of CSNY’s Stephen Stills, captures that feeling of finding home, being with like-minded people, and being a part of something greater than yourself. Taken from the upcoming deluxe edition of his latest album Don’t Be Afraid, out 7th September, this animated Americana track builds the tension throughout to then release it in one of the finest guitar solos you’re likely to hear this year. Belonging and understanding may still be a little further on up the road, but this track still welcomes you in and ends up feeling like home, if only for a few minutes.