Top Tracks: Mercury Machine – Aurora

This latest track from Manchester quintet Mercury Machine has a deeply cinematic feel. To be specific, it reminds me of Blade Runner… not the film itself perhaps, more the world it depicted. A world of colourful neon, of bright and inviting distractions; all just a glamour that hid the dark underworld lurking just beneath the surface. The aptly named ‘Aurora’ lights up the sky with vibrant swirls of 80s synths, but beneath the enticing retro aesthetic beats a dark heart born of post punk, giving the track a more mature and thought-provoking appeal. ‘Aurora’ is like the musical equivalent of putting on a brave face, and pretending everything is perfect, when in reality it feels like it’s all crashing down. The track interweaves the light and shade brilliantly so that no matter what you’re looking for, shimmering synths or poignant post punk, it never fails to deliver.