Top Tracks: Evening Darling – Schuyler Street

Belwood favourites Evening Darling are back with a brand new single. ‘Schuyler Street’ offers a new and refreshing twist, while still keeping the same endearing charm that made the finer points of last year’s eponymous debut album so unforgettable.  Combining their finely crafted, hook-driven Americana with a dash of bright and airy synths, this latest offering is reminiscent of the more introspective side of The Killers. ‘Schuyler Street’ is made for late night drives, starlit scenes, and those moments where you can just get lost in silence with someone special. With an overall more mature and understated approach, and melodies that remind me of The National’s ‘Graceless’, it seems Evening Darling still have plenty of tricks up their sleeve. Roll on album number two!