Top Tracks: Blonde Roses – Hush Now

I think we can all agree the world is in a sorry state of affairs right now. While a large part of that is down to very real and scary problems, part of it is down to how we view the world. Innocence and naivety fades and we no longer see the world through rose-tinted lenses. We start seeing the injustices, we begin to realise that common decency isn’t all that common after all, and it dawns on us we’re all just as lost and confused as each other, no one really knows what they’re doing. That heavy feeling of realisation is summed up brilliantly in this new single from New Orleans outfit Blonde Roses. As well as boasting a visually stunning video, ‘Hush Now’ builds from a gentle start to a cacophonous crescendo that wonderfully captures how we’re dropped into world far darker than it first appears.