Top Tracks: Carmen Brandy – Good Enough

One of the biggest pitfalls of modern life is the propensity to compare ourselves to others. It’s something that we all do; we all dwell on what we lack rather than what we have, overthink our flaws and care too much about those that don’t care about us, rather than appreciating those that love us and love ourselves in turn. The funny things is you can look at someone and ponder on all the ways their life is better, and odds are they are looking back thinking the exact same thing. Nashville based singer/songwriter Carmen Brandy has summed up this universal feeling wonderfully in her new song ‘Good Enough’. The hazy Americana vibes are overlain with gorgeous mesmeric melodies and the accompanying video boasts a warm vintage glow and some stunning cinematography. As much as other people can bring us down, we’re often our own harshest critics, and ‘Good Enough’ reminds us that we are more than worthy if we just have a little faith in ourselves.