Top Tracks: Flo – Set In Stone

One of the few things that is certain in life is that almost nothing is certain. We seem to spend more of our lives worrying about what’s to come than appreciating what is going on around us right now. Today is a gift – it is called the present after all – and it’s only here once, so why not make the most of it? ‘Set In Stone’, the new single from Belwood favourite Flo, is all about trying to live in the moment as you can’t count on the future to live up to all your expectations. The track boasts a delightfully dreamy vibe as though each note has been drawn-out to give you chance to truly savour it. The bittersweet music video also explores the song’s message beautifully, as two friends spend their final night together. I particularly love how scarcely a word passes between them; there’s no sharing of past regrets or fears for the future, just silent reverie as they cherish each other’s presence.