Top Tracks: Here’s To You – Burning Alive

The beauty of ‘Burning Alive’ lies in its ability to weave two worlds into one. Lyrically it’s full of teenage angst, tales of a misspent youth and late night adventures. The name feels very fitting for that very reason, it’s a time of our lives when our emotions, both good and bad, burn their brightest and feel at their most potent. At the same time however, thanks to its abundance of lighthearted melodies and polished production, it also carries a sense of childlike wonder and innocence. You’d have thought these two sides to the song would be at odds with each other, but Here’s To You have got the balance spot on, even extending it into the visuals showing the band’s nighttime escapades in a deeply charming pastel colour palette. It offers the best of both worlds and delivers on everything it promises.