Top Tracks: Moniker – Tidal Wave

‘Tidal Wave’ carries such a versatile cinematic appeal. I don’t know many tracks that would be equally suited to soundtrack both a highly polished big budget car chase and a lo-fi home video of summertime adventures on super 8 film. Somehow though, this song fills that gap, I could quite easily envision it in either of those roles. It’s one of those tracks that has the potential to be whatever you want it to be. The relentless energy of the drums and its vocals reminiscent of Iggy Pop give it a DIY edge, but at the same time the chorus is adorned in earworm melodies that lighten the tone and inject a bit of fun into the mix. Taken from Moniker’s upcoming EP Private Prophet, out 1st March, ‘Tidal Wave’ is just what your playlist has been missing; a track for any occasion.