Top Tracks: Windy Isle – Lonely People

No man is an island. Life seems to become increasingly difficult as society progresses, and we often feel burned out and disillusioned with it all. Though it is easy to shut yourself away from the world, the surest remedy is to open your arms to it, to turn to your friends for help, as chances are they feel much the same way. That’s the message shared by Niclas Edhenholm on this latest single under his Windy Isle moniker. ‘Lonely People’, taken from his forthcoming album White Apartment, further hammers its point home by bringing in other artists from the Stockholm scene to help lift the track to new heights. Paulina Palmgren, Tomas Hellberg and Mira Aasma all contribute verses to show that we’re all walking our own lonely road, so why not walk it together. ‘Lonely People’ carries a timeless feel, like it should have held pride of place on The Beatles’ Abbey Road in another life. It’s deeply honest, keenly human, and a relatable song for the ages.