Top Tracks: Anatoli Tsampa – Only A Stranger

We’re all strangers to most people. Nothing more than a background character in someone else’s story. But when you find yourself in a new place, exploring a big city, stories can soon intertwine. Strangers meet, fall in love, and eventually part as strangers once more. A chapter of a story shared in the same city, each feeling lost and alone, isn’t enough to sustain a relationship when the differences outweigh the similarities. Sometimes all you can do is be thankful for the part of them you knew, rather than dwell on all the parts shrouded in mystery. As disheartening as this tale of fleeting love seems, Greek singer/songwriter Anatoli Tsampa delivers it so sweetly so as to dull the pain. Her light and genuine vocals offering up the age old adage: “t’is better to have loved and lost…”. The bright piano balladry of ‘Only A Stranger’ quickly wins you over, and you’ll cherish your time knowing it before parting ways.