Top Tracks: Natalie Shay – People Like Me

Eighties revivalism has seemingly skyrocketed in recent years. There’s just something about that style that keeps artists coming back for inspiration, and keeps audiences coming back to bask in its charm. Indie pop in particular seems to have a penchant for embracing all things retro, but I can think of few examples that do it quite so well as ‘People Like Me’. With its vibrant synths, energetic rhythm, infectious hooks, and one of the most quirky guitar solos I’ve heard in a while, it’s an endearing track that wins you over right from the first listen. The most uplifting and engaging single yet from Belwood favourite Natalie Shay, it feels like it has been plucked directly from the soundtrack of a John Hughes film. Dealing with the realities of life as an artist, rather than the rose-tinted view we see on social media, it’s easy to imagine it playing over a playful montage of someone trying to find their way in the world. Though it doesn’t shy away from the realities of life, the unrelentingly joyful tone of the song gives you all the positive energy you could ask for to persevere.