Top Tracks: Freddy Hall – That’s What You Do

I think I’ll always be awed by the power people find in music to express themselves and share what’s in their heart. Sometimes it’s hard to get a grasp on what we’re feeling, let alone share it with someone else. But in using music as an artistic outlet, something about the process not only aids looking inwards, but also helps you find the words to describe what you find there. The sincere balladry of ‘That’s What You Do’ is a prime example: it details the whirlwind of fear and anxiety that precedes coming out; taking this heart-wrenching torrent of emotional uncertainty, by its very nature something almost impossible to articulate without your voice catching in your throat, and lays it all out clear as day. It’s a testament to the cathartic power of music, but more so to the songwriting talents of Freddy Hall. To bare your soul to the world is admirable in itself, but to translate all that pain and doubt that plagued you into something this breathtakingly elegant is the mark of something special.