Top Tracks: Andie Mechanic – Call It Even

I’ve heard it said many times that falling in love is something that happens slowly, then all at once. Sometimes it’s hard to put your finger on what the point of no return was, one day a switched just flipped within you without you even realising. Other times though, the rush just hits and leaves you reeling. One moment you’re swept up in the current, and the next you’re over the precipice of the waterfall. ‘Call It Even’ won me over slowly at first. The soft airy arrangement, the subtle hints of background chatter that makes it feel like the outside world is fading into a blur when you press play. Boston based singer/songwriter Andie Mechanic’s crystal clear vocals, the rich melodies and relatable lyrics rooted in Swiftian sensibilities that speak of a struggle to move on. All of it set me on the course of falling for this track, but in the end it was one line that offered that final push: “we weren’t even real enough to have a real goodbye“. So simple and yet still so striking.