Top Tracks: Evening Darling – Invitations

In my head I tend break down Americana into two different sides of the coin, what I like to call “neon and gold”. Belwood favourites Evening Darling are already well acquainted with the latter; the warm and inviting side that soundtracks the open road, golden summer days, and a lust for adventure. With their new single ‘Invitations’ however they explore their darker side and shift into “neon” territory. A more bittersweet, indie-tinged affair that instead conjures up images of a night spent wandering under city lights in search of meaning. Penned from the perspective of someone gripped by obsession, the contemplative atmosphere and haunting backing vocals do a superb job of adding to the feeling of being lost and alone. With a driving bass line, shimmering synths, and all the moving melodies you could ever ask for thanks to Erica Lane’s mesmeric vocals, it seems Evening Darling are just as at home under neon lights as under golden sunsets. The band have expertly expanded their sound, while still remaining true to who they are.