Interview: Jenny Kern

A silver lining of heartbreak is that it provides an opportunity to know ourselves better. To understand the mistakes we made and where we went wrong, to recognise our needs and desires and how best to fulfil them, to realise which parts of the relationship most left their mark on us and which moments were taken for granted. In essence it’s a chance to reminisce on the memories shared and a chance to learn and grow as a person moving forward. That’s the message at the heart of Your Heart Knows – the bittersweet new EP from Canadian-born Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Jenny Kern, and her most enchanting collection of songs to date. Having followed her career from the introspective folk of her debut single, to the stunning cinematic synthpop of this latest release, it feels like high time we got to know this Belwood favourite a little better too. Continue reading

Interview: Francesca Louise

francesca louiseIt’s important to look for silver linings in times of uncertainty. They say that when a door closes a window opens, or words to that effect, and it’s just a matter of finding it. There’s a lot that we’ve been lacking in this year, but one thing we have no shortage of right now is time. Time that can be spent discovering new music; finding records to get lost in and absorbing every last note, stumbling upon artists whose words resonate in the deepest recesses of your soul. One of my favourite such discoveries from this year has been the incredibly talented Francesca Louise, whose debut EP Melancholic Antidote delivers just what its title promises. Her earnest lyricism and the welcoming embrace of the soulful folk arrangements offers the perfect sanctuary to escape to. Having nothing but time also meant I was lucky enough to chat to Francesca about her stunning new record. Continue reading

Interview: Tiny Castle

tiny castle 2It’s safe to say that 2020 doesn’t have a lot going for it. That does mean however that each little oasis of joy and beauty that we stumble upon in this monumental clusterfuck of a year feels all the sweeter. There’s plenty of great new music despite everything, and one of the finest escapes I’ve stumbled across in the past six months has been the brilliant debut EP from Australian indie quartet Tiny Castle. Blending post punk rhythms, retro synths and slick indie hooks, Perspectives is the kind of record that takes everything you know and love and serves it up on a silver platter. I fired a few quick questions over to Chris from Tiny Castle to find out how their stunning first EP came to life. Continue reading

Interview: Miccoli

miccoli interviewBelwood favourites Miccoli have been having a whirlwind 2019 thus far. The Birmingham based trio of siblings first won us over with the glowing melodies and infectious hooks of their debut EP 1/2 back in 2017. This year has already seen them release a full album and share the stage at packed out arenas up and down the country. It’s such a joy seeing them on the up and up, so we grabbed a moment out of their busy schedule for a quick catch up. Continue reading

Interview: Natalie Shay

natalie shay

Photo by Max Giorgeschi

We don’t throw around the term Belwood favourite lightly, and rising star Natalie Shay more than deserves the title. This indie pop singer/songwriter released two brilliant singles last year, and her 2019 is already off to a flying start with her brand new single ‘Yesterday’. Proving a real on-to-watch, we though it was high time we have a chat with her for our first interview of the year. Continue reading

Interview: Scott Lloyd

scott lloydWith a focus on honest and heartfelt lyricism, up-and-coming singer/songwriter Scott Lloyd has certainly been making a name for himself in the Manchester scene, standing out from the crowd with his mature and meaningful mix of folk and Americana. With an enviable string of independently released EPs to his name, and a relentless touring schedule over recent years, his work ethic has rightfully yielded him praise and acknowledgement as he now moves forward as a newly signed artist. I had a chat with him about his most recent single and his journey thus far:  Continue reading

Interview: Caleb Kopta

caleb koptaThough album releases have been a little inconsistent thus far this year, 2018 has been proving to be the strongest year for singles since this site started. Some of the best examples have come from Pennsylvania based artist Caleb Kopta and his synth tinged Americana, evoking the likes of Ryan Adams and Bear’s Den. His latest track ‘Anything’ is the kind of song that you could look back on one day as an important part of the soundtrack to the best days of your life. I had a quick chat with him about how his enthralling Americana sound came about and where it may lead him next: Continue reading

Interview: Big Kettle Drum

big kettle drumWith their latest EP I Thought You’d Be Bigger, Florida based duo Big Kettle Drum dabble in the kind of music that you don’t listen to, so much as feel every note from somewhere deep within. Brant Christopher Menswar and JT Keel have explored their soulful side with this latest release, but while still maintaining their hard-wearing signature sound steeped in old-school blues and Americana that won them their fiercely loyal fanbase. I fired a few quick questions their way to find out more about this latest release.   Continue reading

Interview: Ash Johnson

ash johnson interviewWith his debut solo record The Mad Ship, consummate songwriter Ash Johnson offers a diverse range of lyrical viewpoints adorned with rich imagery and memorable hooks. With songs about everything from love and dearly departed friends, to dealing with change and trying to find light in dark corners of our lives, it’s proving to be one of the most engaging and relatable releases of the year thus far. I caught up with Ash to find out more about how the record came about:  Continue reading

Interview: Gozer Goodspeed

gozer goodspeed

Photo by thelazyphotographer

With three EPs to his name in as many years, Plymouth based blues-man Gozer Goodspeed appears to be on a roll. His latest release Impossible To Pick Up introduces a range of new elements and influences that push the boundaries of what can be called an acoustic release. Rest assured though that his latest EP is still a must for fans of all things old-school folk and blues. I had a chat with him about his latest release, and about what the future holds:  Continue reading