Spotlight!: Rationale


In the modern world of social media, anonymity has become a surprisingly powerful tool. London based musician and producer Rationale has used his air of mystery to full effect to make sure it was his music that gave people their first impression of him. He has since emerged from the shadows and appeared in the powerful music video for the title track of his stunning debut EP ‘Fuel to the Fire’. The intermingling electronica, R&B and psychedelics are kept grounded by the profoundly meaningful lyrics and Rationale’s arresting vocals. The self produced release is simply immaculate, even down to the gorgeous artwork. Rationale has started things the right way to spark people’s interest, and with the release of his latest single ‘Something for Nothing’ he’s ready to set the world alight.

Fans of Jack Garratt, The Weeknd and Alabama Shakes may have just found a new favourite artist