Top Tracks: Trope – Lambs

From the first dark and mysterious bass line of ‘Lambs’, immediately reminiscent of Tool, you know you’re in for one hell of a ride. With the latest single from their forthcoming debut album Eleutheromania, Canadian band Trope offer a master class in building tension. There’s so much energy longing for release here that you can feel it tingling away at your skin. Opening with a heavy stomp as the song reflects on the nature of bullying, the track soon turns a corner into more frenetic territory as it turns to face the topic of betrayal. The change in tone, from steadfast to suspicious, says a lot about how the people we trust most hold the most power over us, and we are left to trust them not to break us down. From the intricate yet powerful instrumentals to Diana Studenberg’s show-stopping vocals, this is a track that demands your full attention and is more than worthy of it.