Top Tracks: AARYS – Talk

When artists share their inner demons through music, not only does it provide relief by venting their struggles, it also gives a voice to everyone else listening that has ever felt the same way. It serves as a reminder for both sides that you’re not alone and there are people out there who understand what you’re feeling. Especially so when it’s a song as well written as ‘Talk’ which finds the right words to capture a feeling you thought was indescribable. This latest single from Canadian artist AARYS deals with the crippling isolation of anxiety. How it builds two walls around you that keep you from reaching out to others: the anxiety itself, that relentless inner critic that convinces you that you’re an outsider and aren’t welcome, and the stigma surrounding the anxiety that instills a fear that people will see and treat you differently if they knew what was going on inside your head. Between them its like being caught in a vice grip, wanting to call out but finding your voice just catches in your throat unheard. All who know the feeling will find their struggle echoed in the song’s vast yet empty arrangement and its striking refrain of “I wanna talk to you, but I wanna hide from everyone.”